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Service Composition and Automated Theorem Proving: A Survey on Existing Approaches

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Semantic annotation of services or components can help to locate those ones, which provide a specific functionality that is requested by some client. This question is one aspect of a process called service discovery which can help in the dynamic and (semi)automated construction of software systems. In open environments and large component marketplaces, the assumption to find a single entity which is capable of providing precisely the required functionality breaks down in general: for more sophisticated problems one will not be able to find a single adequate service. On the other hand in not too specific cases, there is still hope to find a combination of several available services which as a whole satisfies the given requirements. The process of finding resp. developing such a combination of services is called service composition. In particular there has been some work on automating (parts of) a composition by using automated theorem proving techniques. The purpose of this thesis is to look at those approaches, summarize and compare them and perhaps do some experiments with existing tools.