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SWS Discovery for Composition

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SWS Composition is a process that automatically arranges several existing SWS into a composed SWS that fulfills a complex user requirement. Composition needs to interface to Discovery in finding the "existing" services from which to compose. The approach to be followed in this project is that, in a pre-process to Composition, Discovery finds a set of SWS that is "relevant" to the given user requirement; Composition then draws its SWS from that set. "Relevance" here goes beyond the usual notions of matching SWS against user requirements: usually, a SWS matches the requirement if it is suitable to implement it; by contrast, in our setting, a SWS must be considered relevant for the requirement if it can form some part of a complex solution for it. Concretely, the task of the project is to implement a loop around standard Discovery, performing a simple forward-chaining style algorithm to iteratively find a set of relevant SWS.