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TSC Implementation for Mobile Devices

Student name: 
Mark Mattern
Completion Date: 
August 15, 2006
PDF icon mattern_tscimplementation.pdf3.25 MB

The aim of this thesis is the provision of a fully-functional, but rather simple test case for a mobile Triple Space computing (MobileTSC) application. The work presented within this thesis is closely aligned with the work: "Java API for Mobile TSC/YARS". The APIs defined there will be applied to provide on the one hand a desktop application also used for monitoring and on the other J2ME based applications for mobile devices that can show the use of MobileTSC in distributed and mobile environments.
The distinction will be made between so-called light clients (pure information consumers and providers) and heavy clients which also participate in the space infrastructure by providing a share of the space. The data model used are RDF triples or rather RDF triple-based quads. Therefore the applications will make use of the quad-store YARS (Yet Another RDF Store).

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