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Unit Testing for Ontologies

Student name: 
Martin Tanler
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The aim of this thesis is the development of a unit testing environment for the rule based WSML languages. The thesis covers unit testing in general and why unit testing for ontologies is a helpful process for an ontological engineer in order to verify an ontology. In the course of that we clarify what an ontology is and present common approaches to ontological engineering.
Moreover we define exactly in which state of the engeneering process unit testing can be helpful. We develop some sample scenarios and show how unit testing can be applied. Since the testing will depend on the underlying logical language and the available reasoners, we do a brief survey and show how the unit testing principle can be applied to a rule based language.
The theoretical results of this thesis are used to implement a unit testingprototype for WSML ontologies ont top of the eclipse platform. Furthermore we introduce Eclipse and give an insight into the architecture of the prototype.