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Visions of Semantic Content Management Systems

Student name: 
Stefan Thaler

Thousands of new web pages are created and lots of content is added to existent projects every day. A web project of a thousands of pages is not uncommon. To manage this vast and continously growing amount of information content management system have been introduced. However, the bigger web-projects become, the more effort has to be put into their maintenance, as different persons with different tasks and knowledge have to take care of all the content. It also gets more difficult to know the location of each piece of information, redundancy and contradiction may be the consequences. In a semantic approach for content management, especially for websites, atomic pieces of information and semantic web-technologies could make huge web-projects transparent again. A web page itself would be a projection of the information according to defined guidelines and rules. Additionally, adding methods to atomic information objects to execute behavior will simplify the maintenance and increase the flexibility and reusability of the content. Authors and editors could focus on the content itself. The thesis will evaluate existing content management solutions towards their semantic capabilities.